Processed with RookieWelcome to Samantha Finkelstein’s online portfolio. Samantha is a Registered Dietitian (RD, RDN), currently serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Samantha completed her dietetic internship through the Morrison Chartwells Distance Education Dietetic Internship Program.  She earned her B.S. in Applied Nutrition from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, graduating in June 2012, and soon after began working as the Director of Dietary Services at Summerfield Healthcare Center, a skilled nursing facility in Santa Rosa, California. In this setting, Samantha learned first-hand the importance of preventative care and proper nutrition. Immediately prior to her internship, Samantha worked as a Dietetic Technician, Registered at University of California, San Francisco’s Medical Center, and also gained experience working with eating disorders at La Ventana Treatment Programs in Northern California. Through her internship and past work experiences, Samantha has honed the ability to communicate her love of nutrition, and is often praised for her ability to translate complex metabolic concepts into relatable information.

Currently, Samantha works as Program Manager and Registered Dietitian for Spectrum Community Services, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing services to underserved populations. Samantha also works with individual clients for one-on-one counseling in her spare time.

Samantha has been recognized as an assertive, hard-working individual who is not afraid to ask the right questions. She is a strong critical thinker, and addresses problems with a positive attitude, and loves to find solutions through creative problem solving. She has often been told that her biggest strength is her ability to relate to and communicate with others, whether it be patients, clients, or colleagues.

Samantha has grown to love helping others develop a positive relationship with food, which was her motivation for starting her first blog, The Nourished Soul. Samantha believes strongly that, in order to cultivate this positive relationship, it is essential to have accurate, evidence-based information. This was the inspiration for Samantha’s second blog, called Nerdy Girl Nutrition. This is Samantha’s platform for communicating to her readers what the evidence in nutrition research tells us today. She is taking pride in growing and nurturing this project, and loved watching is become more complete every day.

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